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Microjuvenate is a trusted collection of simple and effective clinical skin care products proven to deliver results. When used as a skin care regimen for the face and  body, Microjuvenate products can help skin undergo the natural restoration process. The promotion of natural skin restoration is highly desirable among customers who have experienced skin damage from the sun, general skin neglect, and those with wishes to delay or prevent invasive cosmetic surgery. 


Donna’s experience, vision, and commitment to offering simple, clinical-quality treatments separates Microjuvenate from competing skin care companies. The market is saturated with celebrity endorsers, but Donna’s authentic status as a clinician, microdermabrasion, and dermaplaning innovator has earned her a strong professional following among domestic and international doctors.


Microjuvenate products have been developed for essentially all skin types including environmentally distressed skin, acne prone skin, and hypersensitive skin.  The products are unique among the competition, as it eschews the commonly used, harsh drying chemical, benzyl peroxide.



Microjuvenate was established by Founder and President Donna Messenger.  It was her lifelong mission to apply her collective professional knowledge and experiences to the development of a simple and effective system of clinical skin care products. Guided by Donna – an internationally recognized leader in the clinical skin care, microdermabrasion, and dermaplaning industries – Microjuvenate grew into a trusted brand with widely appealing products for customers who want to experience the superior benefits of clinical care.  It is Donna’s thirty plus years and proven results as one of the industry leaders and innovators that allows Microjuvenate to lead in at-home microdermabrasion exfoliation & polishing treatments. 

Donna’s innovative approach to clinical skin care has helped thousands of her patients achieve healthier skin. Word spread quickly about Donna's success, and it soon garnered her domestic and international recognition from the beauty and general interest media. Notable beauty and general interest media highlights include In-Style, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, New York Magazine, Korean Vogue, CNN Medical, Fox News,and NBC. 

Microjuvenate has brought on board Jamie, herself a trained and experienced aesthetician.  Donna and daughter Jamie understand the concerns and the skin care needs of two generations.  Their breadth of knowledge and respective life stages enhance product development.  Donna and Jamie speak with authority and knowledge to a broad customer base with unique, age-based skin care needs, concerns and issues.


The PLUS line is the very best we have to offer.  This simple combo of MicroResurfacing & MacroRejuvenating Facial Formulas deliver everything needed to achieve your best results by topical creams.  MICROJUVENATE has spent years developing and perfecting the best techniques to resurface and replenish the skin.  Now, we are glad to share that our patent pending Non-abrasive Technology for skin resurfacing is the best, most revolutionary product since Donna, our Founder, introduced her Microdermabrasion Facial Formula into the Industry.





*exclusively at Microjuvenate Skin Care Clinic






The CLEARLY WORKS line is a complete collection of skin health products containing ‘cosmeceuticals’ and ‘botanicals’ – a unique combination of science and nature offering total skin rejuvenation. It will allow the customer to be free from all the pressures that come with having to understand their skin type for ‘proper products’ to purchase.  This line is intended to be used twice daily as a normal skin care regimen, and the ‘proper products’ for essentially all skin types.


Skin Care With Added EMPHASIS

The EMPHASIS line has been carefully considered in order to bring extra emphasis to Microjuvenate’s CLEARLY WORKS line for individual’s who want complete customization of products.


The BODY BENEFITS line provides much desired and needed exfoliation, polishing and hydration to the body’s surface from the neck down.  Start each treatment with the Microdermabrasion Crystal Ball (an industry game changer for at-home exfoliating and polishing treatments proven to provide clinical results) and finish with Body Whip to soothe, nourish, and lock in moisture.

Enhance Your FOCAL POINT

The FOCAL POINT line includes products used as treatments to the eye and lip areas.  Be sure to benefit from the AHA concentrated Eye Care cream and the crystal infused Lip Care Balm Coming Soon.

Travel Is About GOING PLACES

The GOING PLACES kit packages the CLEARLY WORKS line into TSA compliant volumes to allow for carry-on travel size skin care.