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Donna Messenger

Donna Messenger, Skin Care Pioneer, NYC Celebrity Skin Care Specialist who returned to her hometown of Sarasota to share her legacy with her family and young ambitious skin care professionals. 

Donna's strengths lie in her years of experience and knowledge, her skin care center, Microjuvenate, located in sunny Sarasota is unlike any other.  A trip to the luxurious offices of Microjuvenate is relaxing and calming, but don't mistake your treatments with Donna for a warm and fluffy facial, Donna combines the latest in science, technology, state of the art treatments and products so that when you leave, the glow left on your face is unmistakable - it is the Donna Messenger Difference. 

Donna has been the whisper on the lips of those who can't help but sharing her name and business cards with their nearest and dearest, Donna returned to her hometown of Sarasota after an amazing career in NYC  working side by side with some of the most innovative skin care and revitalization physicians and chemists. Donna and her family are well known on the NYC fashion and modeling circuit, where often everything begins with great skin.  Soon, she was working and training with some of the leaders in the industry. It wasn't long before she was inventing her own skincare products and successfully created her own skincare line.  Donna's clients are treasured by Donna and team - they are her reason for continuing to pursue perfection.

Since arriving back, she is still receiving accolades by the many celebrities and notable personalities that have tracked her down and flown in for her signature treatments. Many are loyalists to her skin care line, Microjuvenate and most especially her invention and patented microdermabrasion facial formula, fondly referred to by her fans as "THAT SCRUB OMG!".  


Today, twenty-one years after her issued patent that revolutionized skin resurfacing through exfoliation, Donna gets to do it again.  Microjuvenate has officially released the industry's first patent pending Non-abrasive resurfacing technology utilizing FDA Certified ceramic beads.  This formula first resurfaces the skin without ripping the pore or tearing the skin - what Donna would call unecessary roughness.  All skin types will truly feel the difference on the daily.  Fear not, if you have pigmented or sensitive skin.  This product is for you, too! (MicroResurfacing Facial Formual)

It is also not uncommon that Donna is called upon to fly and train the latest professionals in skin care or simply to help out a client in need of her skin care treatments. Her loyalty and discretion is so appreciated by her clients that once they meet her its friendship for life. 

Donna's story as a mother, inventor, pioneer, was fraught with many highs and lows, still for Donna its family first, today her children are part of her growing legacy in the skin care industry. In addition Donna, is passionate about mentoring young skin care professionals, 

Her passion for providing her clients the best, or "the gold standard" as they say, is one of the things that sets her apart in the skin care revitalization industry.  Donna is an educator, a leader, philanthropist, and an innovator, It is fair to say there is no one like her.