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Like Mother Like Son:  A USPTO Story

Like Mother Like Son: A USPTO Story

Posted by Mark Messenger on Mar 28th 2023

For me, growing up in a household full of support, life, love, and brainstorming - that is what I experienced - incubated a sense of self belief of anything is possible.  Therefore, when meeting with my mom to develop, implement, and protect her legacy brand, Microjuvenate, I was ready to put my self belief to the test.  Just like my mom a problem was first identified, and then a solution was discovered.  This was more than enough to get me to my first issued utility patent in November 2022 - Cosmetic Source Applicator with Multiple Cartridges - and I did not stop there.

Before we go any further, it is crucial that I share the motivation to chase after these USPTO Utility Protections.

During the 1990's Donna Messenger, my mom, boomed as a pioneer, inventor, doyenne, and celebrity aesthetician.  Her role with Biomedic taught her about the power of at-home and in-clinic skincare products. Maintaining momentum, Donna partnered with world renowned plastic surgeons,  Thomas J. Baker (Miami, FL), Richard Coburn MD, and Donn Harnick MD (as much as she loved them and they her, it was a mutual agreement that Dudeen, Wonder Woman, was the clear favorite in this upper East NYC practice).  The New York office is where she discovered and developed the first at-home and in-clinic microdermabrasion formula with medical grade Aluminum Oxide semi-abrasive crystals.  She later would get a patent on this development in 2001 and transform the skincare industry.  But, it was a short lived celebration.  It is my belief that Donna was manipulated into a poor business decision to partner with one of her clients.  This client had resources, but was lacking integrity; thus, the moment Donna was issued her patent Inventor and Assignee, her partner sued for assignment claiming fiduciary duty of Donna to the Company.  This topic deserves a story to itself, but for purposes of avoiding a cliff hanger, Donna lost assignment, suffered broken heart syndrome, committed herself to her children who needed help dealing with auto-immune disease, yet never lost joy, passion, purpose and self belief.  I was exposed to it all with a front row seat, and the moment I was postured to spark one of the greatest comeback stories in skincare, I did.

Now you know my motivation.  

Let's learn about my most used patent to date - Nonabrasive Resurfacing Technology with FDA-certified beads.




The purpose of this invention relates to the discovery of a new method for preventing, correcting, and maintaining skin health concerns by promoting skin cell turnover with sustainable, high purity, wear resistant, non-abrasive, dense, spherical beads. This invention replaces the need to exfoliate with semi-abrasives, abrasives (non-spherical in shape), or chemical methods and compositions, which are thought to bring drawbacks of skin ailments, pain, and unnecessary treatment and recovery periods.

DATE:  2022

INVENTOR:  Mark Andrew Messenger

ASSIGNEE:  Mark Andrew Messenger

This technology is set to transform how we treat our skin on the daily. We will all achieve healthier skin with this non-abrasive novel technology. 

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