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What does it mean to brand?

What does it mean to brand?

Posted by Mark Messenger on Mar 14th 2023

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For Microjuvenate, branding our products and services simply means to bring our purpose to life.  To give our offering a personality that will resonate with the market we attract.  

What we have come up with for our products and services truly is a test of how well we feel we know our purpose and audience.

One Line CLEARLY WORKS (2017)

Every BODY BENEFITS (2017)

Skincare With Added EMPHASIS (2017)

Travel Is About GOING PLACES (2017)

PLUS Means More (2022)

Express Peel (1997)

Signature Facial (2018)

The Best Beauty Indulgence (2019)

All give testament to who, what, and why we are Microjuvenate - a company to help everyone achieve healthier skin.

WE hope to earn your trust as your product and service BRAND.